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Support for Current and Existing Products

See our product section for details of our当前的产品ManBetX2018世界杯. With the addition of Lock Inspection Systems and Cintex, the following sections display products that are within LOMA’s product portfolio and current support status:

Products with Full Support


金属精细ector: IQ4, IQ3+E, IQ3+ST, IQ3+, IQ3+ Pipeline, IQ3 ST Dual-Line, IQ3

X-ray Systems: X5, X5C, X5 Spacesaver, X5 Pack, X5 XL, X4, X4 Bulkflow, X4 Spacesaver, X4 Pack, X4 Pipeline, X4 Sideshoot, X4 800XL, XR

Checkweigher: CW3, CW3S, CW3 Draglink, LCW (Mark 2), CW3 Combo


金属精细ector: Insight HDE, Insight HD, Insight Vertical Fall, Insight C5 Waferthin, Insight Pharmaceutical, Insight Pipeline, MET30+

View more details on theInsight Range

Products out of Production with Support on a Best Effort Basis


金属精细ector: IQ Pharmaceutical, IQ+ Pharmaceutical, IQ+ Freefall, IQ2, IQ2 Pharmaceutical, IQ2 Pipeline, IQ2 Freefall

X-ray Systems: X3

Checkweigher: AS1200C, AS1500, AS5000


金属精细ector: Needlecheck

Checkweigher: Weighcheck


金属精细ector: Sentry v1.2, Sentry v1.4

X-ray Systems: Sentry XR

Products out of Production with Limited or No Support


金属精细ector: IQ/IQ1, Superscan Micro ISC, Superscan Micro, Superscan, Superscan S, Euroscan

X-ray Systems: Axis Mk1, Axis Mk2

Checkweigher: 5000, 6000 Series, 7000 Series, AS1200, 2500, 3000, 3500, Cartomat Heavyweight , LCW (Mark 1)

Other: Celsius


金属精细ector: MET9


金属精细ector: Autosearch 1 & 2

X-ray Systems: Compact XP, Qscan 300, Qscan 400, Compact, Insight 200/300/400

Checkweigher: CS2200, CS4000